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Monday, November 20, 2017

Management Fest at ELIMS on November 24th

Event Rules.

•             Only registered teams are eligible.
•             Registration fee- 300 per team
•             Number of participants per team : 5
•             More than one team can be participated from one college.
•             Prelims will be conducted as first round(Elimination)
•             Teams found in any form of malpractices will be disqualified.
•             The organizing committee will not be responsible for any unfortunate events.
•             Keep your clues intact.
•             Decision of judges will be the final and no more queries shall be entertained.
•             1st prize- Rs 8000

•             Each team consists of 2 members
•             Registration fee- 50 per head
•             Maximum 2 teams can be participated from one college.
•             The quiz will be conducted in 4 rounds.
•             Use of mobile phones are prohibited in rounds
•             The judges decision will be final.
•             1.'prize- Rs 5000
              2° prize- Rs 3000

•             Each team should have 5 participants.
•             Registration fee- Rs 300 per team
•             After registration no alteration can be made regarding team members.
•             One laptop per team is compulsory
•             Please carry your mobile phones.

Event Rules.
•             Doubts should be clarified at the beginning of each round.
•             Any team reporting after specified time will be eliminated.
•             Decisions made by judges will be final.
•             1. prize — Rs 8000 2. prize — Rs 4000

•             Only Mobile phones can be used
•             No other cameras can be used
•             No edits and watermarks are allowed in the image.
•             Theme will be provided on spot.
•             Submission tirne end @2:OOpm
•             Participants should not capture the photographs using sources of mobile application
•             Sendyour entry with: Participant Name, College name, Course, Theme/caption and send the entries to:
                  1. prize- Rs 1000

•             It is a team event.
•             There can be only 2 participants in a team.(a painter and a model)
•             Participants should bring their own colours, brushes etc.
•             Tirne limit is 2 hours.
•             Topic will be given on the spot.
•             Participants should explain the theme/concept to the jury.
•             Participants will be judged on the basis of creativity, innovation and design.
•             Decision of the judges will be final and binding.
•             1. prize Rs 3000

NRITHARANGA (spot dance-solo)
•             Registration fee — Rs 100
•             Participants should not carry any properties
•             Duration should not exceed 5 minutes
•             The additional instructions, if any will be announced on the spot
•             Decision of the judges will be final
•             Judgement will be based on expression, adaptability, timing and beat.
•             Spot registration will be available.
•             1. prize-3000
               2. prize-1500

Event Rule
•             A Group should have 4-12 members.
•             Registration fee : Rs 800 per group.
•             Duration should not exceed 10 minutes.
•             Fire, water and other dangerous properties are not allowed.
•             Vulgar costumes are strictly prohibited.
•             Judgement will be based on costume, musicality and coordination.
•             Any form of dance can be performed.
•             Choice of songs is open to the participants.
•             Decision of judges will be final.
•             Registration will be closed at 10am.
•             1. prize- Rs 15500
              2. prize-Rs 5500

•             Registration fee is 200 per head.
•             There will be 4 rounds.
•             Participants should bring atleast 4 costumes
•             Only for men

1.Prize :5500
2. Prize :2500